Fleas On Dogs

Fleas On Dogs

Fleas on dogsWe Love Our Dogs, So Why Do Topical Flea Killers Actually End Up Harming Man’s Best Friend?

Recently the EPA had issued warnings regarding Flea Control Pesticides. In the article released in 2010 the EPA states that there has been an increase in the amount of adverse reactions to dogs when these flea pesticides are administered. Some of those adverse reactions are trembling, seizures, hair loss, diarrhea, vomiting and even death!

Why Would Any Animal Lover Continue To Use Spot On Treatments?

With today’s advances with All Natural products we are not so sure it is necessary to use cancer causing Pyrethrin and Permethrin products. The fact is, these products have been studied and found to be carcinogenic. The good news is, there is an alternative that actually works and the reality is that these All Natural products that Kill Fleas on both dogs and household surfaces are safe and very effective. They actually carry a 100% mortality rate when they come in contact with the flea.

How To Get Rid Of Fleas On Dogs.

While it sounds very inhumane to the flea… most dog owners are willing to help the dog and stop the scratching and hair loss if it means death to the pesky pest. The cause of death for the flea is suffocation. The All Natural Cedar from the Junipress tree found in Texas causes immediate death by suffocation.

When the Cedar product is applied per recommended procedures, it produces a fine mist and is broadcasted across the living area of the fleas. When the Specially formulated Cedar extract attaches to the fleas exoskeleton shell, it blocks the breathing pores and the Flea Dies. This method of Kill can also be used directly on the dog. I personally spray my 2 dogs once a week and work the cedar into their coats and around the tail really well. As you begin to massage the cedar into the coat and skin, you can witness the dead fleas dropping off one by one. I gently work the cedar spray into their coats for at least 5 minutes per dog. I then spray a little on my hands and gently rub into their ears.

I start at the tip of the tail and work the spray into the tail all the way down to the base. It is around the base of the tail and their “private” area were the fleas like to migrate. I then work the cedar spray down under the belly rubbing into the skin. Then work over and under all the way up to their head where I gently apply some in the ears to protect against fleas, ticks and ear mites.

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Are Flea Killers Safe For My Dog?

There are many claims being made that the poisons and dangerous chemicals may be to blame for the illnesses and deaths of many dogs. There have been claims that many of theses Pyrethrin based flea and tick killers may actually be killing our dogs. There has been an increase in the number of cancer related issues arising with dogs that have used “spot-on” products on a regular bases. I have provided a great article that is well worth reading and sharing with your friends. See report now.

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ABC News Report Highlighting Dangers Of “Spot-On” Flea Products

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